AB430 Instructors,

The AB430 leads, Mark, Catherine, Anita, and I developed a retreat day to meet needs that many of you have surfaced. Instructors and leads have communicated a desire to meet, greet and eat together, to find out what occurs in the other modules on the different days of the module, and to provide input on how to improve the program.

The outcomes for the day include:

1. Know the "key learnings" from each module.
2. Gain an understanding of the practicum
3. Celebrate our success
4. Have fun
5. Value one another and our contributions
6. Provide ideas and input into the improvement of the program.

The attendees for the day include those trainers and guest speakers who participate regularly. The list currently includes: Nancy Hampton, Duane Cox*, Sherry Opacic*,Mark Wagner*, Christine Olmsted, Catherine Follett*, Judy Cunningham, Bruce Matsui, Paul Morrow, Dianne Demille, Ellen Duffy*, Janet Bryson, Karen Delaney, Barbara Kaprielian, Dorothy Ver Wys, Sheri McDonald*, Christine Votava, Debbie Granger*, Anita Jameson*, and Stephanie Schneider

Those individuals listed about with an "*" will discuss their module at the event.

I have three dates available and would like to get your input on which work best for you. Simply type your name and your preference. To indicate your first choice for a date, Duane(1); second choice, Duane (2); and least preferable date, Duane (3). If you absolutely can not make a day, Duane :-(.
Here is a sample of Anita's and my preference of dates.

August 4:
Mark (1)
Sheri :-(
Debbie: -(
Catherine (3)

August 7:
Mark (2)
Sheri (1)
Debbie (2)
Catherine ( 1)
August: 28
Anita (1)
Mark (3)
Sheri :-(
Debbie (2)
Catherine (2)
click on Edit(Top Left), then type in your data preferences, and click Save(Top Right). That’s it… : - ) EASY

So how should I prepare? Stir up all that creativity deep within you and address the following questions. I will be providing a more detailed format with exact times.

Describe the most important learning a principal should walk away from this module with. (5 Min.)

Provide an overview of each day. Sample agendas will be provided as handouts and on their flash drive. (20 Min)

Explain important aspects of the practicum that apply to the module.

Provide important information about the homework.